Q: Why should i buy a longboard from you clowns?

A: Well, if you’re going to be like that we don’t want your business.. We started this company to create great boards that people want to ride. We’re not going to turn this into a sales pitch but we’re pretty good at what we do, so meet us at a sunday skate and we’ll show you why.

Q: Where do you ship to and how much is it?

A: As you can probably tell we’re based in Melbourne (Australia). We’ll ship your goat to you wherever you are, normally through Australia Post (unless you want to get fancy and do the whole tracking thing).

Q: Can i ride for you guys?

A: We love seeing new talent and if you really want to show us your skills we could even get you to rep for us - that’s true. The standard is pretty high though so to show us some awesome shit send us an email at

Q: Which hills do you guys skate?

A: Nice try grom! Our hills are pretty sacred to us but you can always hit us up at a sunset skate and talk shit, maybe you’ll get some information out of one of us.

Talk to Oscar because he doesnt think before speaking, if we legally could we’d keep him in a dog cage.

Q: Hiring?

A: Nope sorry! Not right now at least (although we actually do get this question more than you’d think). Thom was paid his first months salary in the format of a cask of goon. We’re not sure why he stayed on..

Q: What’s your return policy?

A: If you’re even thinking of returning your board in our opinion something has to be wrong with you. I mean, a bad carpenter blames his tools yeah? Anyway, we have a return policy as part of our warranty however we do pretty damn rigerou quality assurance when a board is shipped out the workshop door, apart from damage all purchases are final.